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  Dear Young Ones, Calvary greetings to you my dear children in the precious name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This is another year for zealous works and more creative activities for you to grow in faith through the knowledge of God’s love and to become like Jesus in every way.  

TEXT: Matthew 5:14-16

MEMORY VERSE: Matthew 5:14 “you are the Light of the world”

1. To let the children know that they can shine as light through their behaviour.
2. Identify light and it is recognized by everyone.

Be full of good works.

Do you know that there is a light in you that must shine to people around you? Then teach them the following song:-
This little light of mine
I’m gonna let it shine (2x)
Let it shine! (3x)

Hide it under a bushel?
No! I’m gonna let it shine (2x)
Let it shine! (3x)

This little light of mine
I’m gonna let it shine (2x)
Let it shine! (3x)

Shine out of my heart (2x)
Shine out of my heart Lord Jesus
Shine out today, shine out always.
Shine out of my heart Lord Jesus.

1. There is a light in you that must be seen by people around you. Matthew 5:16, Isaiah 60:1
2. Light has power over darkness and that’s why darkness can’t stay where light exists.
Isaiah 60:2
3. Jesus is the Light that must be seen in you. John 8:12.
4. The world we are in is filled with darkness and because we are the children of
light, we shall shine in it.
5. Unbelievers will come to your light. Isaiah 60:3.

You can be a light by helping others, praying for others, not fighting nor stealing nor
disobedient to your parent. Be full of good works like Jesus went about doing good work. So
let your light shine.

You can be a light to people around you if only are ready to manifest the fruit of the Spirit and
do away with the fruit of the flesh. Also by helping others, showing love, respect and being
full of good works.

Why not invite the light of the world into your life who is Jesus Christ. Accept Him as your
personal Saviour and you will no longer walk in darkness. John 8:12. (Lead the new converts
in Salvation Prayer).

1. From this lesson, what does God expect from you? To let your light shine.
2. Who can help you to shine? Jesus.
3. Who is the light of the world? Jesus.

MONDAY - Isaiah 60:1 - Arise and Shine for Jesus
TUESDAY - Isaiah 60:2 - Your light will eliminate darkness.
WEDNESDAY – Isaiah 60:3 - Unbelievers and kings will come to your light
THURSDAY -Genesis 1:3 - Light is the first thing God created
FRIDAY - John 1:4 - Jesus is the Light of Men
SATURDAY - John 1:5 - The light shines in Darkness
SUNDAY - John 1:6-8 - Thank you Jesus for those who witness of the Light.

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