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  Dear Young Ones, Calvary greetings to you my dear children in the precious name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This is another year for zealous works and more creative activities for you to grow in faith through the knowledge of God’s love and to become like Jesus in every way.  

“What God expects of me” is the theme for this edition. Be ready to make progress in every lesson and help the students to build up themselves and increase their level of understanding in the Word of God. Teach them to learn, study, memorise, and practice the Word of God diligently.

Be sure! I’m praying for you continuously. Our speed may be slow, but it is steady; our rewards are sure and steadfast in Christ!

Let grace and mercy abound richly towards you and let the Lord God Almighty bless you indeed in Jesus' mighty name, Amen.

Listed below are all the lessons. please go through these lessons with your young ones. God Bless you.

A New Commandment   A City on a Hill
Be Born Again - Part One   Be Born Again - Part Two
Be Honest   Be Salty - Part One
Be Salty - Part Two   Be Salty - Part Three
Be Sincere   Choose Your Master - Part One
Choose Your Master _Part Two   Don't Pretend
Get on the Narrow Road   Good Ground
Help the Poor - Part One   Help the Poor - Part Two
Join the Family of God   Keep the Faith - Part One
Keep the Faith - Part Two   Keep your Good Seeds a Secret
Let your Light Shine - Part One   Let your Light Shine - Part Two
Love Each Other - Part One   Love Each Other - Part Two
Love with all your Heart - Part One   Love with all your Heart - Part Two
Practicinng the Golden Rule   Right Reason
Serve God With Money - Part One   Serve God with Money - Part Two
Serve God with Money - Part Three   Store Treasures in Heaven
Tell the Good News Part One   Tell the Good News - Part Two
Tell the Good News - Part Three   The Golden Rule
The Good Samaritan   The Rich Young Man

It is good to be zealous in good things Gal 4: 18.

Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye
Directorate of Teens and Children Education,
The Redeemed Christian Church of God.

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