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  Dear Young Ones, Calvary greetings to you my dear children in the precious name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This is another year for zealous works and more creative activities for you to grow in faith through the knowledge of God’s love and to become like Jesus in every way.  

TEXT: Matthew 6:1-6,
Luke 12:2-3.

MEMORY VERSE: Proverbs 3:9 “Honour the Lord with your substance.”

To let the children know the importance of good reason behind everything they do.
To teach children how to check out their motives behind everything they do.
The children should learn how to do things to the glory of the Lord.

God loves people with good motives.

As children of the Most High God, your motive that is your reason behind whatsoever you do
must always be right in other words you mustn’t do anything in order to be praised by men.

1. Jesus told the people not to do their alms before men so that men will see them and as a result end up not being rewarded by God. Matthew 6:1-2.
2. Jesus commanded that when the people do alms, their left hand should not know what the right hand does. Matthew 6:3.
3. Jesus said their alms should be done secretly and our Heavenly Father who sees in secret
himself shall reward them openly Matthew 6:4.
4. Jesus instructed the people not to pray in order to be seen of men but rather pray in their
closet to their father who is in secret and who shall reward them openly. Matthew 6:5.

Do whatever you do to the glory of God, not to be seen by people but to make God happy.

A life without Jesus cannot do things that will glorify God rather satisfies itself, therefore you
need to be part of God’s Kingdom so Christ will be glorified in you. Call upon Jesus to save
you, surrender all to Him so that God Himself will be seen in you and He will reward you of
all you do.

Doing things in order to be seen by men or praised by men does not bring any reward from God; rather one has received one’s reward. We should have the right reason for all we do.

If you are the type that likes people praising you in whatever you do then don’t expect any
reward from God.

When Jesus is in your heart you will be able to do things with the right motive, and for the
right reason. Revelation 3:20. Receive Jesus into your heart today, (teacher to lead the
children in Salvation Prayer).

1. In this lesson, what does God expect from you? God expects me to do things with the
right reason.
2. Who can help us have the right motives for all we do? Jesus Christ.
3. Recite the memory verse.

MONDAY - 2 Corinthian 9:8 - God will give you grace to do good.
TUESDAY - 2 Corinthian 9:9 –God sees whatever you do.
WEDNESDAY - Matthew 23:5 -Have the right motives.
THURSDAY - Matthew 6:6 - Pray to God in your closet.
FRIDAY - Matthew 6:18 –Fast Secretly.
SATURDAY - Acts 9:36-38 -Dorcas was full of good works.
SUNDAY - Acts 9:39-41 - Dorcas is rewards openly.

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